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IUD Sterilizer

  • Portable Autoclaves (pressure steam sterilizer)
  • Stainless Steel in 18/8 grade
  • Non electrical
  • Size: Diameter 225mm, Height 295 mm.
  • Capacity: 13 Liter.
  • Light, compact, portable, easy to use top loading autoclaves.
  • Fast 20 min. sterilizing cycle at 1210 C.
  • Equipped with 2(two) stages over pressure protection system incorporating a calibrated continuous breeding pressure stopcock and pressure release weight valve.
  • Extended life gasket
  • Equipped with heat resistant handles and steam release/control valve.
  • Pressure ball/Gauge: Colour coded pressure ball/gauge showing internal chamber conditions during the cycle. Sterilization zone in green colour is shown from 15 psi to 20 psi (OR 1.034 bar to 1.378 bar) which is equivalent to temperature of 121C. to 127C. Dial size: 2.5. Dial show measurement in 2 units (i) kg/sq cm (ii) Ib/sq inch. Full scale dial of pressure ball/gauge is 0-30 Ib/sq inch or 0-2kg/ sq cm. Caution zone in red colour.
  • Inclusive of inner & outer stand.
  • Inside three triangular baskets
  • Inside three triangular perforated baskets (Rack) will be such size and shape that accommodated within the sterilizer so that the three baskets are filled with three sets of IUD insertions kits instruments and can sterilized . The triangular perforated basket should be made of with stainless steel. Lower 3.5cm-5cm will not be perforated so that the inside IUD insertion set will not be wetted.

Quality Standard: ISO and CE Approved.
Packing : Each set should be packed in a poly bag. 1 set in one carton.