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ASC-184 to ASC-186

Vertical AutoclaveAutoclaves are widely used in industrial, Pharma, Biotech Medical Research Centre, Hospitals and Diagnostic applications. Triple walled construction, all the three walls are made of thich high grade stainless steel 304 G. The unit is fitted with radial locking system made of MS chrome plated. Provided with built-in safety valve, pressure gauze, pressure release valve and water level indicator. By mean of steam under pressure of 5 to 20 PSI + 3 PSI (Adjustable)
Special Features:

  • Automatic Microprocessor based digital advance PID temperature controller controls temperature and time, precisely at set value.
  • All phases of the cycle such as steam generation process, auto air-purging phase, sterilization and auto steam-exhaust phase proceed automatically.
  • Display:Graphical Display 128x64 (approx)
  • Presure Range:15 to 22 PSI(Auto Calculated from temperature)
  • Temperatue range: PT-100 upto 125*C
  • Timer upto 999 mins.
  • Temperature resolution:0.1*C
  • Temperature accuracy:+1*c
  • Intial air purging cycle : at the start air is automatically removed from the chamber. On achieving 95/100 deg C, the solenoid Valve opens automatically & releases the stale Air. After that Solenoid Valve gets closed & starts generating pressure in the chamber.
  • Auto transfer Steam from Chamber to Jacket.
  • As soon as the sterilizing settable time cycle is over, the Steam is released automatically through Solenoid valve.

Available in following sizes

  Size Cap. Approx Element Load
A 400 x 1200 mm (16x48) approx 150 ltrs, 6 KW (2Pcs). 12 Kw
B 500 x 900 mm (20x36) approx 176Ltrs. 6 KW (2Pcs). 12 Kw
C 500 x 1200 mm (20x48) approx 235Ltrs. 6 KW (2Pcs) 12 Kw
D 600 x 1200 mm (24x48) approx 339Ltrs. 9 KW (2Pcs) 18 Kw

Working sterilization temp. 121*C/123*C
Power Supply 440V, 3 Phase


1) S.S Stand
2) Double Door System
3) Working Sterilization Temp. 124*C on request
4) Automatic with Manual System on Request